Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting

Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting

Those who’ve tried a variety of gambling games cards will certainly consider Dragon Tiger as the easiest game especially when you know Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting. This game only uses two cards, perhaps the least compared to other card games. In addition, you do not have to play against the dealer or other players. You just need to make sure to place bets on the highest card that appears in the Dragon or Tiger. If both have the same number, then the result is a Tie.

Dragon Tiger game was first developed in Cambodia. Technological developments make Dragon Tiger can now be accessed via a variety of Live Casino Gambling Games and Best Free Bets Website. You can bet live with the dealer who will guide the course of the game. If you win, then you will earn profit in accordance with the odds being offered. That is why you should understand the rules of the game apply to win every game Dragon Tiger in online casinos.

Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting

Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting
Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting

How to count cards at Dragon Tiger is similar to Poker or Baccarat. The card will have a value equal to the number listed on the card. Cards 10, J, Q, and K are 0 and A is 1. The dealer will distribute cards to the two parts of the Dragon and Tiger respectively of 1 piece. You can bet on main bet consisting of the Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. Cards Dragon and Tiger has a payout of 1: 1, if the final results of Tie then the player loses only 0.5 of bets placed. Meanwhile, Tie has a payout of 8: 1. You can also bet on a variety of side bets such as suits, suit tie, big / small, and much more.

Just Choose, Dragon or Tiger

Dragon or Tiger bets have the lowest house edge compared to other types of bet that is equal to 3.73%. If you want the lowest risk of this game, then you should use a Dragon or Tiger for a bet. These two options have the same opportunity to win the game from Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site. In addition, the results of Tie also just make you lose 50% of stakes.

Tie is the worst possible option

Whatever happens, do not ever bet on a Tie. Tie Results on Dragon Tiger is even worse than the Tie at Baccarat. In real terms, house edge for Tie result even reached 32.77%. Therefore, you should not be tempted to place a bet on a Tie although it offers a payout up to 8: 1. You better use a side bet that has the house edge is lower but sometimes offer a better payout. However, you may consider Tie bet if the payout offered a 10x or more.

Suited bets could be beneficial

Luck is one of the factors that greatly affect the final outcome of the game Dragon Tiger on Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. There is no strategy or method that can be applied accurately to win this game. Therefore, you should play strategically and methodically. One of them is eyeing bets with a low house edge and a high payout. You should utilize the suit contained betting on the game Dragon Tiger.

You can bet on a Tie Suited bet that has reached 13.98% house edge and the payout reaches 50: 1. An opportunity so extraordinary to make you get a gift that big of a bet Dragon Tiger. Additionally, you can also take advantage of such a side bet Suit. Suit bets have a payout of 3: 1 and the house edge of only 7.69%. These options are very appropriate for the stake compared to a Tie bet.

Money management system

Money management techniques such as Martingale, D’Alembert, and Fibonacci is very effective to apply to the game Dragon Tiger. Moreover, the game is a lot about luck so effective money management will help you minimize risk and obtain profits. And those are some of the most useful Tricks in Online Dragon Tiger Betting.

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